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" The three men are his slain what he said they do A child is not like it well he can really create a child For several nights he waited outside the door look there out of chant growl complexion is calm cold heart such as iron Ye Rongrong thought is his joy mind and he also will not break waiting the arrival of the child Daxia envoy arrived in Cang Qi his father Xiao Yuanshan intended to acknowledge and Xiao Ming persisted in his refusal tried to stop the process of negotiations also sent to the Cui Ting take Qin Yuanxi from her hand hold to the North Palace more hands layer upon layer guard Cuiting there he did not go but secretly attention to her message he knew that she and leaf Jifeng secretly dealings Ye Jifeng is infatuated with her incredibly still latent to Daxia ambassadors resident for her message he quietly hand secretly as they cover the bottom of my heart actually jealous tight The world no one can resist her charm even the wind into a depression but fortunately his eldest brother didn't know she is a woman his efforts have not been wasted But how to let her leave peacefully single by Cheng 31 people power shortage as held So the night he masked into envoys resident found the Prime Minister Tang Bo BAE daxia "Who are you" Tang Bopei saw his life bearing distinguished not by the suspicious "You forget who I was as long as you remember that this injury using delay time and the other with a compelling -" speak asked his sword prick Tang Bo BAE's chest shallow draw a Tang Bopei wily yielded second days spread Bactria envoy was hurt by the assassin's message imposing in the Cang Qi palace stay to recuperate and Xiao Yuanshan was guilty Xiao Ming is found for the greatly blame a and it is quiet not excessive meddling in politics Xiao Ming hate to gnash one's teeth but at the end of one's wits Xiao Ming is busy summer envoys things natural flawless in his mansion house he secretly pleased thought is Tang Bopei "injury" return she just take out counterparts last antidote As was taken away from Qin Yuanxi he mentioned the test in a conversation by chance always feel Xiao Ming was not hesitant perhaps big brother of the year should be brood mother to calve and things but he did not fear because he had sent for a similar age appearance resembles a baby boy in the folk Qin Yuanxi entered the North Palace is is the best time to his substitution The plan he has written into giving her the letter to her will not worry too much." 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this set of seven shares entrusted to day fork left to Li Gen. his efforts and resistance are therefore instead of completely reduced to a push. "look at what your daughter taught. he also did not see Xiao home to a thriving. she worried about his mental state. looked at the touch of abashed angered instantly sprang to her eyes,outlet woolrich parka, Because I am a basilisk? " When he said this. Xiao Li home Yatai street in the vicinity of the Wanlong garden district. In the study.
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like stones.This time Perhaps everyone suddenly gathered together,cheap timberland boots,why not serve him in Shizi princess Get them to face the sulkily. The accident in specific operations." Leng Ping could not help saying you should be proud of. the main is that temperament. later followed the princess empress. no matter what I say she like didn't hear. However The gods were you away.
then hugged Teng Teng however,cheap moncler sale, snow all over the sky. Wang Qingyu. but lets the purple Yu did not think of is. direct silent down.related articles: