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Han Han Fu Ge old words. to kill them and simply and neat. which may with the lightning when Huashan detention on the cliff that night about a dangerous situation she fell faster than the book she at that time or just frightened it is ignored. a busy day is feeling a little tired. I thought the fox born of love calculating others. his profile was soft and handsome,cheap michael kors handbags, in addition though his face is pale." Spring Ling criesSmall business financing is not much" "No --" this is by common consent Qin Jingyu micro shock side head see Lei pastoral darted forward toward the Silverwing shook his head: "His Majesty the emperor is concerned about the chaos Leimou beg to differ have scene has much as everyone knows the city of all people all eyes are on your majesty what is spoken tell us your opinion of his Majesty the draw up three chapters of law or be able to truly implement so this must be left to Cheng Zu but also to let him alive" Qin Jingyu listened to nod: "is must let him alive" Fengwu nine days seventh chapters frequently students chaotic wind from the city lights lit up the whole night City people wish to rice happy home and they are also not idle Yang Zheng led the soldiers artisans from door to door check will have previously been removed one by one the door re repair met with elderly and infirm inconveniences is personally deliver food; Li Yizhou led the accompanying medical walk in the high streets and back lanes treating the injured the issuance of medicine soup; the city damaged war road facilities outside the city of the dead body the city spread all over the stones are Zhang Yiming take a person responsible for the cleaning and repair As for the captive South Vietnamese soldiers killing is obviously not a single prisoner is also not cost-effective waste of food Qin Jingyu and ray pastoral slightly one deliberation decided the prisoners should be divided into two dial wave is the army ministry about a thousand people in the city put in prison under strict custody; another is the many soldiers nearly five thousand people by the sergeant and Daxia Shou went to the hill of stone mining cutting down trees used to repair the damaged walls and houses From the following day the city resumed production life shops shop workshop construction in addition to the coalition soldiers patrol the streets slowly the emergence of wind from the people figure At the beginning people still have some hesitation timid doors and windows from the unearthed in the head until see people on the street gradually much this just go go out of the door each do each matter Break the city for third days the wind from the city primary repair orderly generally has been restored to the previous quiet Today Qin Jingyu ascends the tower to the city announced by Yang Zheng as the wind from the castellan responsible for urban affairs governance jurisdiction . but become singular tenderness.. Every debt is the first master I can let go of South Vietnam let Xiao home but Xiao Ming sins only blood for blood no he wanted I have to stab the sword otherwise never at ease" As Xiao Ming hated her she is more deep hatred for Xiao Ming and do not say to her captivity and Yuan Xi Cang Qi only said that when the dark night the door extermination massacre Xiao Ming even though he is not a direct killer but also one of his co conspirators blame and her father remained unconscious is its ulterior motives hands This battle is not just for revenge but for the life and dignity of so many people Xiao Ming is the root cause of the war she has no choice have to pull out the sword Langya Excalibur sword out of life if can the sword immortal that is he Xiao Ming's good fortune she had nothing to say to stop -- but he told her heart face is pale!
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